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Contest has ended!

Congratulations!! Now that your project is complete, we want to let you know that you are eligible to enter a contest to win a prize of $1,000 cash!

Qualifications: the work has to already be complete and be $5,000 or more.

Here is how you enter:

1. Write us a letter or email telling us what you like most about your new landscape! Don’t forget to include pictures.

2. Send in your letter via email or to our PO Box.


PO BOX 239

Port Orchard, WA 98366

We will be collecting entries from January 1, 2024 through June 30, 2024 and will announce the winner July 1, 2024. We may contact you for permission to post your entry and pictures on our website. We will not include your personal information in our posts.

We appreciate our clients and look forward to seeing your entries! Good luck to all who apply!



Dear Full Throttle,


This is a letter of gratitude.  It is not only that we absolutely love our new pavers and patio, which we do.  It is not only that we are thrilled with the care that you took in finding just the right materials to complement the hues of our house.  It is not just the skill and professionalism that your team demonstrated in creating the right slant to channel the water from the front of our home.  No, it is something beyond the care, skill, aesthetics, and professionalism you showed in creating a new look for the front of our house.  Let me explain…


Before you worked your magic, the front of our house had large, unseemly pieces of slate that had long before broken free of the cement that was to secure them.  You kindly and carefully disengaged these pieces and brought them to another area of the property.  I planned to use them to build a walkway through the woods.  And, so I proceeded to carry these heavy stones and place them on the walk…. Now, I’m closing in on 70 years and the task was not as easy as it might have been a decade or so ago.  I was focused on the task when a young man walked up to me.  He told me that he was on his break and that he saw I might need some help.  Instead of taking a well-deserved pause in his work, he took an opportunity to help someone else.  I was really touched.  As we worked together, he told me that he was relatively new to Full Throttle. I asked how he liked working there.  He said that unlike anywhere else he had been, Full Throttle treated each of its team as a member of the family.  Although they expected hard work and skill, they took care of each other.  As soon as his break was over, he left.


What is truly important in life is how we treat each other.  Full Throttle clearly treats each of its members with respect and care.  If ever I require more sprinklers or landscaping, I will only call Full Throttle.


Thank you again for the excellent job and the way you treat your customers and staff.


With every best wish,


*Name removed for privacy*



Full Throttle Landscaping has worked with us over the past several years and multiple projects to achieve our landscaping dream. It started along our lake shoreline to establish rock retaining walls, pathways and flower beds. This project was later followed with building pathways and rock steps to our house. They then developed pathways and rock flower beds along the sides of our house and a rock retaining wall on our upper driveway. Finally, when our home remodel and garage construction was completed last year, they completed our firepit area and pathway/retaining wall along the garage. This year, our lawns and plantings along the hillside were completed. Over the past several years the consistency and quality of the work is unmatched. Everything fits together seamlessly as if it was all done at the same time. They worked with us year after year to make our vision a reality.

-*Names removed for privacy*


Dear Full Throttle Landscape,

You have made us backyard people!  We have owned several homes over the years, and always kept lovely yards, but never really spent much time enjoying the spaces. We are now in our yard daily, even in the rain we have space to sit and enjoy the views. We are so grateful for your expertise in creating a space that brings us such joy.  


We bought this home in 2022 primarily for the views of Mt. Reiner and the Puget Sound. The house has the largest backyard we have ever had, but it had very little usable space. There was some very old and tired grass, some dangerous broken cement pads, crumbling rock walls, and slopes that we were unable to navigate. The project was very overwhelming but once we met with your team, we could start to see the vision. From just a few pictures we printed and discussions with your team; a beautiful space was created. 


Your team was always on time, on budget, always kept a clean work site, and communicated every detail along the way. Your team far surpassed our expectations on what this outdoor space could be.  It

will be our pleasure to work with you again, as we are already discussing adding a water feature. 


Thank you for creating a space where many happy memories will be made. 

Kind Regards,

-*Names removed for privacy*


I’m absolutely thrilled with your work. The detail and effort by your workers was very appreciated. They even leveled the rough land by the driveway and firmed up the driveway so I don’t have to worry about falling and at 80 years that is always a concern.
When I stand below the wall i feel like I’m looking up at a castle wall. 
Thanks again for a terrific job.

-*Name removed for privacy*


Dear Full Throttle,

When Charlie visited our property, he helped us envision what could be.  This May, he and his crew of professionals went to work!  As you can see, the results greatly improve the appearance and function of the entry to our home.  Thank you, Full Throttle!

The crew removed old gravel from our portico parking area and graded the surface evenly. The new gravel color enhances the stonework and packs well, leaving no ruts or bumps. New slate was carefully cut and grouted, creating a new, two foot wide apron which flows around the existing stone step. 


Our entry feels much more welcoming and now looks finished. When we come and go each day, we smile.


This small job has resulted in a large impact!  We are more than pleased with the finished result.


-*Name removed for privacy*

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