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  • Earthworms

    Were you aware that earthworms are composed of 82% protein, contain high levels of Omega 3, and are a great match with cumin and curry? It is said that they have a flavor similar to bacon! Earthworms are essential in altering the physical composition of soils by creating new aggregates and pores, enhancing soil quality, aeration, infiltration, and drainage. Additionally, they possess 5 hearts! If you wanted to add any fun facts or suggest a subject it may be featured in our next post!

  • Dead Man's Fingers

    Did you know there is a fungi called "dead man's fingers"? They can actually look like fingers or toes. Beware they are usually poisonous! If you have any fun facts about fungi or want to suggest a subject it may be featured in our next post!

  • Landscape Origin

    Did you know the term "landscape" originated from a painting term? So I guess landscapers can refer to themselves as artists! If there are any landscaping facts or subjects you would like to learn about leave your suggestions in the comments and stay tuned to see if your fact or subject is featured next!

  • Trivia Recycle Facts

    Our team places a high value on environmental responsibility. We strive to provide informative resources that highlight the importance of cleaning up and taking care of our planet. We hope you enjoy our trivia and recycling facts! If you have any subjects you would like to learn more about you can add suggestions in our comments.

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